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Post by PrestonNax » Tue Sep 15, 2020 7:29 pm

Tasmanian Labor flags tough road for Hodgman Government regulation as year end looms

Tasmania's Labor Opposition has ruled out supporting three key pieces of legal procedure despite its leader saying it will negotiate with the Hodgman Liberal Government.

The clock is ticking on the end of the parliamentary year and the us government is scrambling to pass three crucial bills.

the debts focus on phasing out suspended sentences, Introducing mandatory sentences for assaults on off duty law enforcement officials and allowing a Government takeover of TasWater.

But the task of passing them has become much better since the election of Jo Siejka in Pembroke boosting Labor's numbers in the Upper House to four.

In a prove to of conciliation, Labor Opposition Leader Rebecca White wrote to Premier Will Hodgman at the weekend asking for a meeting to discuss how to pass regulations through.

But on cute spanish girls Monday Labor MP Scott Bacon confirmed the level of resistance remained opposed to phasing out suspended sentences, vital sentencing and the TasWater takeover.

Mr Bacon suggested Labor would instead consider components of the bills.

"They would obviously have to discuss the detail of the bill, See if there is a sensible solution and then negotiate on the solution, he was quoted saying.

In your firm stand out, Leader of federal Business Michael Ferguson said Labor was being disingenuous.

Political scientist Professor Richard Eccleston said the next few weeks were a test for the Hodgman u. s,presidency.

"If the legislation is knocked back by the Legislative Council it will perhaps raise questions as to whether Liberals can now govern as easily as they have this term after the election if they do form government, teacher Eccleston said.

Under Tasmania's Hare Clark set up, House of Assembly and Legislative Council elections are not held jointly.

Professor Eccleston said Labor will also be under time limits in the final few sitting weeks.

"They are gadget looking at legislation at its merit, So it will be interesting to see whether they will live up to their word over the next few weeks,

Independent MLC Mike Gaffney said the Hodgman Government needed to barter with members.

"It's up to the government of the day and the party of the day to put forward good candidates, And put forward good policies, And stop to the adversarial stuff,

He said the Hodgman Government had too often tried to ram through low quality legislation, this had the numbers in the Lower House.

"Especially initially we were getting procedures, That appeared to a little bit rushed and were based pretty girl in spanish on policy thoughts and we had to do a lot more work,

In a letter circulated to legislative Councillors on Monday, The Leader of Government Business in the legal Council Leonie Hiscutt said:

"I take seriously the role of the Legislative Council to scrutinise legislation and if Members have suggestions to improve the outcome we seek, My door is obviously open.

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