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I remember wanting so badly, more than anything, a virally growing CTFO customer network. I just knew... get that happening, and the money will follow!

Getting my CTFO network to go viral meant that, if I am referring three free CTFO members a day, 90 per month, my team had to refer 90 or more together. That would be the beginning of going viral. It took until the 3rd month of referring that my team outdid my pace, and now they outdo me 50 to 1!

Exchanges and mailers are how I built the foundation of my CTFO business. Be forewarned, it is not as easy as it sounds to maintain a high level of activity via this method. You will pay with your time and frustration. You will receive, and have to learn how to manage a ton of email efficiently everyday. I was willing to pay that price for my biz. Are you?

My average referral rate was 2 to 3 free members daily into CTFO. I referred 500 associates, and sent out 500 welcome emails in 6.5 months, and made myself available for support. Repeating this little action cycle took my residual income to $1000 a week in 9 months. That is a doable 2.3 referral average a day! Signups came at a rate of 1 in 1000-1200 views via exchanges and mailers. I worked hard at generating 2500 to 3000 (sometimes more) views *daily* to achieve that day in, and day out, for a year straight.

With 100% FREE, there is absolutely no pressure for your prospects at all. There is no imaginary hurdle of parting with money before they can begin to build their business, thus your customer network. With no barrier for participation, theoretically, your customer network in CTFO could expand indefinitely. Consistent referring is the key.

Every single one of you that embark on this journey have to be willing to go through a continual trial and error process which when approached intelligently, can forge you into a pro within a year's time. When done nimby pimby, one day on, couple days off, refer 10 one week, none the next, and so on, it simply will not work.

CTFO is a network marketing company. The promotional activities you put in play, are points of contact that allow for a rapport to naturally form between you and your referral. By you reaching out, they know that they have an active sponsor that is currently building. When they reach out to you, you know you have a potential customer and future team leader!

Network Marketing is relationship building.

If I were starting over in CTFO, I would do two things consistently...

First, I would figure out my monthly promotional budget, and order 150 clicks and above, ideally every two weeks. I would get a part-time job to fund this if I had to (to avoid doing it on credit) until it is self-funding. While this is being set up to go live, about 7 to 10 days, I would learn about Network Marketing in general, and study the work of a legendary professional like Eric Worre to sharpen my basic MLM skills.

Next, as the email notifications came in, I'd call and introduce myself to the new members joining CTFO, and organize them into a list using a contact manager system to make it efficiently for me to reach a lot of people any time via email broadcasting, and using those email broadcasts to a) to offer my availability for support, and b) share worthwhile company announcements.

Ultimately, your CTFO team will reflect right back at you your core dedication to your business. I lead by example and want team members to see me driving my team forward, and being reachable. Each person develops their own methods as they go through the trial and error process. My methods are different than my upline's, yet at the core it is the same... building relationships with our team members.
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online ukraine dating

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